Paper submission

Submission Guidelines

Due: 3/22/2023 11:59pm (PDT)

Original high-quality contributions are solicited on the following topics:
  • Novel algorithms for robust object detection, segmentation or recognition on outdoor mobility platforms, such as UAVs, gliders, autonomous cars, outdoor robots, etc.
  • Novel algorithms for robust object detection and/or recognition in the presence of one or more real-world adverse conditions, such as haze, rain, snow, hail, dust, underwater, low-illumination, low resolution, etc.
  • The potential models and theories for explaining, quantifying, and optimizing the mutual influence between the low-level computational photography (image reconstruction, restoration, or enhancement) tasks and various high-level computer vision tasks.
  • Novel physically grounded and/or explanatory models, for the underlying degradation and recovery processes, of real-world images going through complicated adverse visual conditions.
  • Novel evaluation methods and metrics for image restoration and enhancement algorithms, with a particular emphasis on no-reference metrics, since for most real outdoor images with adverse visual conditions it is hard to obtain any clean “ground truth” to compare with.

Special This Year!

Collaboration with IEEE TCI

The 2023 UG2+ workshop will partner with IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging to bridge the computer vision and computational imaging community. Our objective is to strengthen synergy across the communities by providing UG2+ authors with an opportunity to publish in a journal with an expedited review process.

Authors of the workshop proceedings (8-pages) can indicate in the CMT submission page whether they would like the paper to be considered for IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging. A paper cannot be simultaneously published as a workshop proceeding and a journal.

  • Authors of the workshop proceedings will have a choice in the CMT submission page to indicate if they would like the paper to be considered for publishing at IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging. UG2+ paper reviewers and workshop chairs will identify high-quality papers. In consultation with the TCI editorial board, we will make recommendations to the shortlisted paper.
  • For papers recommended to TCI, authors will be notified of additional instructions including reformatting into the TCI format (10 pages) and submitting the files to ScholarOne website. Suggestions from the TCI editorial board will be given to assist authors so that the journal review will be expedited.
  • For papers that indicate workshop proceedings OR not shortlisted by TCI, the publication decision will be solely based on UG2+ workshop criteria.
  • Our shortlisting criteria follows the IEEE Signal Processing Society publication requirement. While we cannot guarantee acceptance to the journal ultimately, shortlisted papers are meant to pass the screening of the TCI editorial board with positive recommendations. The final journal decision will be made by the editor-in-chief, Professor Mujdat Cetin.
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